Global Projects

The World Wildlife Fund has taken part in completing thousands of projects around the globe since its inception in 1961. These projects range from improving the oceans, to saving endangered species. On the WWF's official website states that “more than 3,000 projects are underway at any one time. These are some of the more recent projects the WWF has completed:

Reconnecting the Danube: As one of Europe's largest rivers, the Danube River is critical to shaping the wildlife and environment wherever it touches. The Danube River has had several man made changes and a great history. Most importantly the Danube River contains a very unique mix of species with about 2,000 plant species and 5,000 animal species. Also, it includes an astonishing 41 mammals, 180 birds, 8 reptiles, and much more. Because of this enormous environmental value the WWF was determined to strengthen protection for this great resource and increase protected areas.

Ukraine Carpathians: During this project that began on July 1st of 2007, the World Wildlife Fund began protecting the East Carpathian mountains. They built additional protected areas and created more locale involvement to support sustainable development and border cooperation. With border cooperation, several countries can work together to reach the same goal of conservation and protection. This is extremely important to ensure that this great natural resource is around forever. By building specific protected areas, contamination from the human race will be kept to a minimum.

Danube Delta: In addition to the reconstructing project, a separate project began in 2007 to conserve the Danube Delta. The Delta borders Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine and is one of the largest wetlands in the entire world. The Delta contains lots of wetlands, ponds, canals, and lakes that are home to many animals, organisms, and plant life. The World Wildlife Funds major objective was to increase the potential of the Danube Delta to support some of Europe's richest wildlife. Restoration work was completed along with a tour to promote this great natural resource.

African Rift Lakes: The African Rift Lakes Programme, began on May 1st of 2011. This projected ended on June 30, 2012 and was a great success. The programme consolidated several existing and previous programmes along with created additional plans for the area. Three additional action plans were created to help several species. These include Elephants, Rhinos, and Great Apes. These species are some of the most well known animals in this area and are adored by many.

As you can see, the World Wildlife Fund has completed many projects recently. With such an enormous amount of simultaneous projects, the WWF works around the clock to improve the planet we all live on. This is why the WWF is the largest conservation protection agency in the world and has been for many years. The WWF will be around for many years to come, and will continue landmark projects and programmes that will continue to make history.